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How to Find Official Windows Drivers for Any Device

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  • The uninstall process will begin removing drivers and software components.
  • Expand the Display adaptors option and then select Uninstall device.
  • If you can’t find the USB driver, you can use third-party software to search for updates.

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If stuttering is accompanied by other warning signs listed below, the chances are that your graphics card is the one causing all these issues. Use the key combination Win+Ctrl+Shift+B on your Windows 11/10 keyboard. The screen flickers and goes black for a second, and will be back in less than a second.

Select Control Panel from the Windows Start menu, then double-click the NVIDIA Control Panel icon in the Control Panel window. Navigate to the NVIDIA Control Panel window and select “Manage 3D Settings” in the “Configure 3D Settings” menu. In the “Program Settings” window, navigate to the “Configure 3D Settings” menu. Navigate to the “Program Settings” window and then to the “Linux” tab, followed by “Add.” After entering “nvidia-settings” in the “Program Name” field, click the “Add” button. To configure 3D settings, go to the “Nvidia Settings” window.

Now you know how to reset graphics driver on Windows 10/11, and it is your turn to try restarting your graphics driver if you are stuck in display issues. If you continue to have problems after uninstalling and reinstalling your graphics drivers, your graphics card may need repair or replacing. After your run the application, you should see a pop-up informing you that your graphics drivers have been restarted. Click Exit to close the application.Alternatively, you can click Restart again to reset your graphics drivers a second time. This is by far the easiest way to reset your graphics drivers. Simply press the Windows Key, plus Shift, Ctrl, an B at the same time.

After that, you can download all the drivers you need. Slimware is the name of the company that made one of the best driver update tools. It used to be called Slim Drivers, and you’ve maybe heard of it. Just click on the link, then on Download now at the top of the page. Install option and wait for Windows 10 to download and apply the necessary updates.

Windows Key Combination to Reset Your Graphics Driver

Follow the onscreen instructions and prompts to uninstall the drivers from your device. Driver Easy will automatically recognize your system and find the correct drivers for it. If you want to install the latest Nvidia driver after uninstalling the driver, you can also use Driver Easy. 5) Upgrade Driver Easy to RPO to finish uninstalling the driver.

If you prefer PowerShell over Command Prompt, here are the steps to take to remove the printer and related software. To uninstall the printer, type printui.exe /dl /n “YOUR-PRINTER-NAME” and press Enter. Remember to replace YOUR-PRINTER-NAME with your printer’s full name.